About Me

I’m Nick and welcome to my blog!


Growing up my father always told me that I insist on doing things the hard way, and that may be true. However, doing things the hard way sure has led to an interesting life.


I got my first food service job when I was 14 years old, making sandwiches in a coffee shop. 7 years later I took over my first kitchen as the Head Chef of an Italian restaurant downtown Toronto. By 24 I was a Sous Chef on the team that led Patria to a Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants award from OpenTable. At 27 I was named the Culinary Director of Meels.


All the while I travelled as much as I could to experience as much as I could. Some were long trips to fully immerse myself in a culture and some were short trips to run around and have a little fun. I have been honoured with slaughtering a celebratory goat in Kenya while building a school in the Masai Mara, but I have also flown from Vancouver to London just to spend 48hrs surrounded by history.


I started this blog to share my interesting stories and adventures with you.


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